Home to Southeast Michigan's Fun People

At Happy Hour Oakland County, we come together in small groups of between 10 and 30 people to enjoy each other’s company and meet new faces. We’re always happy to see someone new, so don’t hesitate – come out and join us.


Each of us came to this group as strangers but left as friends. Some were unsure of what to expect but this group makes everyone comfortable.


We normally come together to enjoy each other’s company over a drink and an appetizer. But, Fun is the only menu item that’s required.


We love playing pool. We also throw basketball, play darts, bowling, video games, ski ball and all sorts of fun, non-competitive games.


Once in a while we get together in larger groups to meet, have fun, dance and play some games. Careful, there’s always a surprise!

Recent Events:

I dislike bowling and yet I had a great time!

Fun times with everyone! This group is getting addicting.

Will be a fun night!

Had a great time guys…. looking foward to the next meet up:)

Anxious was out the window…. It was such a fun night!! You guys are a great group of people.

I had a great time! Looking forward to many more 🙂

Thanks again for such a great time and lots of laughs!!

It made me temporarily forget about the snow.