Home to Southeast Michigan's Fun People

How it Works

Happy Hour Oakland County achieves one important goal each week: Giving our members a chance to get out, meet up and have fun.

Some of our members love to dance, some enjoy blues music, others are karaoke monsters, while some like to cheer on the Red Wings or the Tigers. Whatever you can imagine as fun, we’ve either done it or we’re waiting for you to suggest it.

Restrictions on Members

Hosting Events

You must be 21 years of age. That’s it!

We are open to any age group but tend to attract more 30 to 50 year olds and we have no membership restrictions based on marital status. You may join if you are:

  • Married
  • Single
  • Divorced
  • Any combination of the above

Each event we hold must have a host.

Usually the person who suggests an event will also be its host. Hosting an event gives members the chance to show off a favorite place or activity of theirs. Hosting requires that you:

  • Be there early to greet other members when they arrive
  • Get the group started on any activities
  • Keep things moving and on schedule
  • Engage members who may not be as outgoing as others

Public Places


Most of our events happen at public places where we’re not the only patrons in the establishment. Group members need to abide by common sense rules of public behavior.

We also frown on breaking the law.

Happy Hour Oakland County does not require members to pay a fee to join. We do appreciate donations that are used to offset the costs associated with managing the group.

For information on how to donate, please contact Melissa.

Joining the Group

Can I bring a Friend?

New members can join the group by going to our Meetup page and selecting the “Join Us” button on the page.

By joining the group you can receive email notification of new events or changes to other events you have RSVPd to.

You can bring a friend along to any event by simply including them as a “+1” when you RSVP for the event. 

If a friend wishes to join the group, simply follow the instructions on this page for “Joining the Group”.