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Member Input

Happy Hour Oakland County works because members are encouraged to provide input for upcoming meetups. The requirements for suggesting and then hosting an event are fairly painless, and the benefits are significant.

Local Bar or Restaurant

Lots of local bars and restaurants have Happy Hour specials that include special prices on alcohol and usually appetizers.


Some of our members love to shake up the dance floor with the sound of Motown, 80s and 90s dance music or today’s new hot licks.


Happy Hour Oakland County members love to play pool, video games, ski ball, basketball and other games that don’t require intense concentration.

Sporting Events

We haven’t done much of this, but our members have gone to a few games to partake of the fun that cheering on our team can bring.


This one deserves a section of its own. Those who are good at karaoke are more than welcome to serenade the rest of us pitch-perverted types while we drink and eat all the goodies.

These are really great ideas for
Happy Hour Oakland County members to have some fun.

Whenever you have a chance to suggest a meet up,
remember that your contribution is greatly appreciated.

To suggest one, get in touch with Melissa.